Ferris Elementary School


What will we do to enhance our students' learning?

We will continue to do may of the things we have done in the past.  These include having an active committee of staff that make up our social responsility committee.  These staff members help provide a focus around our HEART matrix for both students and staff.  

Monthly assemblies that have a HEART focus.  

Providing classrooms with a focus for the month. 

Introducing new HEART focus at our monthly assemblies.

Providing staff with ways of making new connections with students and also providing opportunities to provide students feedback with our HEART program.

Family teams (multi age groups) are also a focus of our social responsibility committe.  Family teams are a wonderful way to promote school community as it provides opportunities to make connections for both staff and students.  Leadership is also a focus of family teams.

What are some specific actions we are considering taking?

Considering the feedbck we have received from out intermediate students, we will start by asking them for ideas how they can be meaningfully involved int he HEART program so it provides a strong purpose and connects with them as individuals.

Example: A leadership convention to provide students the opportunity for input into providing meaningful opportunities and learning wth our social resposiblity program (HEART).

What will we focus on in our professional learning to support our students' learning?

One of the strongest aspects of Ferris is the shared responsibility that all staff have for all students.  Ferris school will continue to work towards creating the best learning environment for all students that is based on a solid foundation of care, kindness and respect.  Social Emotional learning has been and will continue to be a focus of all professional learning regardless of the overlying topics. 

Our Evidence for 2017-2018

How are we going to gather evidence of student learning related to our focus?

Providing relfection from both staff and students will be the key.  This evidence will likely be in the form of a survey for students (as this year), and a discussion and brainstorm with staff (as this year).  Survey questions could be the same and compared, or they may need to be differnt depending on the HEART prgoress made within the school community.

How will we know we have made a difference?

We need to determine if our students improve in their ability to make positive choices when they are not under the direct supervision of an adult.  Self regulation and understanding how their actions impact those around them are a key to this improvement.

How will we analyze and communuicate our evidence?

As done this year, our social responsibility committee could be used for this purpose.