Welcome Back! As usual, this has been a very busy start-up with over 620 students registered at Ferris this fall. On behalf of the staff, we would like to welcome all our returning families as well as our new families to an exciting new school year. Our school goal this year is to maintain an engaging school community by meeting the safety, emotional and learning needs of all our students. 

It has been an exciting and positive start to the school year for our students. Our
students seem very happy to return to school, catch up with old friends and say hello to the newest students and families at Ferris. Once again, our returning students showed great HEART in welcoming new students into our community and helped to make the first week of school a success for everyone. 

All Gr.1 to 7 students will be assigned to their classrooms for the 2023/2024 school year by tomorrow afternoon. 

End of Day Dismissal on Friday, September 8 

Students will be moving into their new classes at 1:15 on Friday, September 8. Students will be in a new classroom at the end of the day. Here is the plan for student pickup: 

Intermediate students (gr. 4-7): Please arrange a pickup plan with your child (e.g. a meeting location on the school grounds or a plan to walk home). Primary students (g. 1-3): Parents of primary students will be emailed by the office on Friday afternoon. 

For example: Division 22

Dear Parents, 

Your child has been placed in Division 22 (Ms. Yu). Your pickup location is: outside at the hockey box.

This email will indicate your child’s new division number and the pickup location for all our primary classes will be outside at the hockey box. Teachers will stay with students until they are picked up by a parent. Please check in at the office if you are not sure about the location. 

*Please Note: if you have more than one child in grades 1-3, you will receive more than one email. 

The staff have taken considerable care in determining the placement of students in classes for this school year. There are many factors that are important considerations in this process and the purpose of the information below is to help parents understand student placement.

In determining the placement of students, we consider two main areas. Intellectual development - with a careful focus on the learning needs of each child, and Social/Emotional development - with an emphasis on student independence, peer relationships, sense of confidence and responsibility. 

Our objective is to create a balance of strengths for each area in each class. We believe that it is valuable for each child to have experienced a variety of settings (younger group of a combined class or older group of a combined class) over their elementary years. Although combined classes are often an organizational necessity based on class size regulations, two grade groupings provide positive learning environments for children. Research studies conducted in the area have indicated that there are no significant differences in academic achievement, but scores around self-esteem are higher in multi-age classes. 

We recognize that each class has students working at a range of developmental levels. To accommodate, we need to provide developmental teaching, as well as opportunities for children to think, cooperate and develop as independent learners. Teachers work to adapt instruction to the needs of the child. Our goal in placing students each year is to provide each child with an effective learning environment and, over their elementary years, ensure that each student leaves our school prepared as a lifelong learner. 

Medical Concerns 

If your child has any specific health concerns that we should be aware of please contact the office. If your child needs to have medication given at school, there is a special form that needs to be filled in by yourself and your child’s doctor. 

Emergency Contact Information 

In the next week, we will be sending home a Student Information Verification form, along with other forms (media consent, walking field trip permission, etc.) to be completed at home and returned to your teacher. Please review, make any changes, sign, and return them as soon as possible. The information provided on these forms is very important for the school to have on file. 

PAC                                                                                                                                                                                    A kind reminder our first PAC meeting of the school year will be held on September 11th at 6:00 pm at Ferris. 

On behalf of the Ferris staff, we welcome you all and we look forward to teaching, learning, and engaging with our amazing Ferris community. 


Emmanuel Adjei-Achampong Jr., Principal     Julianna Ng, Vice Principal 


Updated: Thursday, September 7, 2023