MabelsLabels--new fundraiser for parents


NEW--- Personalized, peel & stick, super-durable labels for children’s school items, shoes and/or clothing that safely go in the laundry, dishwasher and microwave. Our school will receive 20% back in sales.

Search for: "Ferris Elementary School (Richmond)”

Happy Shopping! (This link will be on the main website as well.)

Each year it is with dismay that we must take perfectly good clothing to goodwill from the school because students haven’t claimed their items (even after laying out clothes on tables and reminding everyone to look.)

This year we would prefer not to have piles clothes in a Lost and
Found—however, kids being kids, they do sometimes take off coats and jackets and leave them outside.  

We have signed Ferris up for a fund-raiser with mabelslabels. We are hoping families might consider using these easy to use labels in children’s shoes and their clothing so we can return lost clothing more easily. Our school will receive 20% back in sales, the labels will be mailed directly to you. (I play to buy some for my grandchildren!).  We will use any funds raised to supplement our “Gratitude for Staff” funds—to buy snacks/food for staff during longer after school staff meetings, etc. Right now Costco has individually wrapped healthy snacks and our staff are appreciating being able to grab and go during their busy work days.



Updated: Thursday, December 9, 2021