Ferris Year in Review Webinar 11:00 June 25, 2020

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Ferris Year in Review 2019-2020-Webinar Thursday June 25th at 11:00 AM

(Sharing School Events—through photos and videos)


This has been an unusual year, and we are missing the ability to come together in a final assembly.  The Ferris PAC (through fundraising activities) funded two very special events this year: the school wide drumming in March and the Science World presentation in February.  In addition, we are saying farewell to our Gr. 7s and several of our staff members including Mrs. Davis, who is retiring at the end of this year. We would usually have an opportunity at an end of year assembly to say these good-byes.  As an alternative to a final assembly, we have arranged to share with our Ferris school community an imovie featuring videos and photos from the year. “A Ferris Year in Review” will be broadcast in a live webinar format, on Thursday June 25 at 11:00 AM.


We need your help to make this happen:


1)    We need you to let us know if you have concerns about your child being included in the photos/videos in this live- view only- format:  Since we would like to include photos of many children and videos of performers, we won’t be able to check through all the permissions for media release.  Should you have any concerns about your child being included in any group photos, individual photos, or video performances PLEASE CONTACT MRS. STEELE ASAP—BY CALLING THE SCHOOL AND ASKING TO SPEAK TO HER—604-668-6538. You do not need to contact us to give your permission---but rather only if you have concerns.


2)    Watch for the link coming by email that you will use to connect for the webinar: Once it is set up, a Webinar link will be emailed to all families through MyED (most likely by the end of this week). Teachers will also be asked to forward the link information through the portal and email. There have been some emailing difficulties with certain address types so we are using as many ways as possible to communicate this directly to families. If you don't get the link by the end of the day Friday, contact your child's teacher directly. 


3)    Please only have one member of the household connect with the link. Unfortunately, the webinar is limited to an audience of 500. We have 511 students, however, many have siblings at school. Therefore, we will have enough capacity as long as each household only uses one connection to the link. Please do not send the link to other family members, as it may mean that our own Ferris Family members may not get access to the webinar.


 4)    Viewing Live only: In order to maintain privacy as much as possible, the webinar will NOT be recorded for later viewing.  We have specifically chosen to have the district help us present in a live webinar format that will allow viewing ONLY at the scheduled time.  We ask that all of our parents/students show digital citizenship by respecting our request to view only. Please do not copy or distribute.


Thank you for your assistance,


Mrs. Steele, Principal.             & Mr. Campbell, Vice Principal​



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