Ferris Parents--Questions and Answers...

June 9th, 2020

Dear Ferris Parents:

Questions and Answers: We have tried to anticipate some of the questions you may have as we move through the final weeks of June. Should you have questions of a general nature, please use the “Contact us”-through the school website (not email) and our office staff will check this regularly and pass it on to me. Obviously specific questions regarding your child should be directed to teachers. 

Q: How do I pick up my child’s belongings from school?

A: UPDATED JUNE 17, 2020 by email  Our final school supply pickup is Friday, June 19 from 10am to 2pm (for most divisions).Pick up will be available for all divisions except Div. 17 and 21. Pick up for these divisions will be on June 24 from 12:00 – 2:00.Belongings will be bagged, labelled and placed on tables in the staff parking lot. Cones and chalk lines will be used to facilitate physical distancing. You can come to pick up items at any time during this timeframe. We hope to have all supplies picked up on this day. Please contact the office if you need to arrange a different time. Due to seismic construction, we will not have space to store any items over the summer. Therefore, we will not be keeping any items at the school after June 25.


Q: What’s happening with the grade seven farewell?  

A: It will have to be different this year, but plans are underway by the grade seven teachers for a way to say “Farewell” to our grade seven students.  Grade seven teachers and admin are meeting this week to go over plans, and a communication will be going home to grade seven parents regarding the details soon. 

Q: What is happening with seismic construction?  

A: The final push will be this month and through the summer. Many classes are impacted in the next three weeks.  Teachers will be readying classes for floor replacement, moving back into finished spaces, the portables are being  packed up, and stored in containers. The portables are being made ready to move to a new location. We are planning for some tidying up of our courtyards and excited about our plans for the library and lab.  We will see a refreshed and upgraded school for September. A longer more detailed letter is attached regarding seismic!

Q: How can I provide information regarding my child’s placement for next year? 

A: We are doing preliminary work on class placements, but will need to wait until September to finalize classes.  Please see the attachment regarding Class Placements input from parents. We remind you that we do not consider requests for specific teachers, all parent input is shared with staff and we ask that you review the document attached for considerations that may be appropriate in your child’s case.  Do not send an email—rather, use the contact us through the website to write a brief note by June 19th.  Thank you. 


Q: We borrowed a device from the school (ipad/computer/keyboard/chargers) etc. and need to return it. When do we do that?

A: On Wednesday June 24th from 1:00-3:00 we will be at the front of the school to accept the return of all borrowed devices.  Please physically distance in a line,  if there are people ahead of you.  Please make sure you bring the device and and any peripherals (charger, keyboard, etc.) that were borrowed. 

Q: How do I get my child’s report card?

A: Report cards will be distributed to students during the last week of school, the last day the student is in attendance.  Students who are not attending will have their reports mailed out as soon as they are complete, to the address on file.

Q: What is the last day of school?

A:  The last week of school for all students is Monday June 22nd-Thursday June 25th.  Students’ last day of attendance at school, will depend on whether they are MON/TUES or THURS/FRI.  

Q: What is happening in September?

A: We ask parents to watch for emails and check the website in late August as we begin plans for September.  At this time we do not have additional information to share and we are focusing our energies on finishing up the school year. 

Please send any additional questions of a general nature through Contact Us--on the website.

Lastly, the Ferris PAC executive positions are listed in the attachment above and on our website. We welcome any parent interested in being involved next year to please consider putting your name forward for a position. Have a look at what each position does and if you are interested in volunteering, please contact Ferris PAC at by Monday June 15th, 2020. The Ferris PAC review these positions and at an Executive Meeting in June. 

Thank you,

Mrs. Steele, Principal & Mr. Campbell, Vice Principal 


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