Ferris Art Challenge-DUE TUES June 23 2020

“Bring the Outdoors In”

Ferris Art Challenge June 2020!

We are fixing up the school over the summer in special ways as we prepare for the completion of our seismic construction. We need help for one of our projects, and we are inviting students –at home or at school, Gr. K-7, to think about the theme “Bring the Outdoors In”, and design art work that will be used to create plastic decals that will go on the bottom half of some of our courtyard windows and possibly as a featured piece of art in the school.   Gr. 7 artists-this is an opportunity to leave a legacy at Ferris School.

What we need from you if you would like to participate:

Who: All Ferris STUDENTS  

What: Design and Create a piece of art 

Where: At home or at school


•use an ordinary 8 ½ x 11 piece of paper or half sheet is okay too for art

•some ideas flowers/plants/close ups/scenery/abstract with greens/gardens/trees/insects/etc

 –use your creative thinking skills, it can even be 3-d -- submit a photo

•Please do not include human made things, not playgrounds or people –only the “natural outdoors”

•use BOLD colours/leave no white space

•think about using a black sharpie to outline to make the images stand out, colour darkly or use paint

•put your name in the bottom right corner—artists should always sign their work Jane Doe, 2020

•you may submit up to 3 if you are very keen


When: must be handed in by Tuesday June 23

By EMAIL to: Ms. Martens would like you to send a photo or scan of it, or hand it in to your teacher if you are coming into the school. Make sure you include your name and grade on the email and your name on your art! Please save your art in case we need you to bring your original in!


A Ferris Staff Committee will select the ones that will be made into decals and find other ways to include all art into displays. This is your chance to have your art featured at Ferris for years to come! 


Why: To provide an opportunity for student artists to contribute to making the upgraded school beautiful and to leave a legacy. 

Updated: Thursday, December 9, 2021