Kindergarten Gradual Entry Groups and Schedule

When our new Kindergarten students start school in September, they will be in one of two groups:  Group A or Group B.  Letters indicating which group your child is in were mailed out, along with the schedules for both groups.  Please note the different times for each group, in the attached schedule.


Group A:

Reysie, Lexi, Ava, Lorraine, Linda, Abbigail, Kelly, Elisia, Hailey, Ririko, Yia, Chanel, Elaine G., Alice H., Cass, Hansen, King, Xavier, Sean, Neo, Matthew, Isaac T., Alejandro, Haowen, Gian, Leonardo, Jonathan, Rebecca, Elaine X., Mia Y., Elsa, Ryder

Group B:

Mia L., Alice L., Michelle, Francesca, Viene, Hinda, Echo, Ryder, Andrea, Iris, Emily, Naomi, Stephanie, Doreen, Queena, Grace, Timosha, Isaac C., Perry, Brendon, Max, Lucas, Jacob, Josh, Marcus, Austin, James, Samuel, Miranda, Anya




Updated: Thursday, December 9, 2021