Sharing Our Stories

Sharing Our Stories


In order to better align BC’s K-12 accountability processes, the Ministry of Education has afforded school districts the opportunity to create new frameworks for enhancing student learning that better reflect their local context and narrative.


To this end, School District #38 (Richmond) is embarking on a new framework for enhancing student learning. This framework is intended to enable each school to create a shared vision based on values and needs in order to enhance student learning and to build an optimistic future for all students. Individual schools, through working with students, staff, and other members of the school community, will be responsible for creating their stories and posting them annually on their websites. Their stories/narratives will reflect schools’ inquiry process and foci undertaken to enhance student learning. The district’s narrative will also be posted annually on the website and will reflect what is happening in the district in areas such as intellectual, human and social and career development.


The intent of this new framework for enhancing student learning is to provide flexibility in order for school communities to engage in a continuous cycle of improvement.


Our Vision


To build an inclusive and respectful community that fosters curiosity, creativity, engagement and rigor for all with a strength-based approach to teaching and learning.


Our Guiding Principles That Support How We Tell Our Stories


Focus on student learning to ensure that each student achieves his or her potential
Value diversity and be inclusive of all learners
Contribute to student learning in a meaningful, flexible, respectful, and sustainable manner
Commit to continuous improvement and life-long learning through the use of an inquiry cycle
Communicate and inform our community in a way that celebrates and maintains confidence in our schools




Updated: Thursday, December 9, 2021