Ferris Elementary School


Parent Advisory Council

The staff and parents at Ferris believe schools serve children best when parents and the community are actively involved.  Parents are encouraged to participate in various school activities by sharing their skills, talents and time. We value all contributions which parents make as it enhances the educational experience of all of our children.

What is PAC?

The primary purposes of Parent Advisory Council's are to:

  • Provide a forum for consultation between the school and parents on matters of general concern to the school community,
  • Assist with and contribute to various school related activities,
  • Promote the development of positive school-community relations.

All parents of the school are members of the Parent Advisory Council. We encourage you to attend our meetings along with the School Administration and Parent Executive. PAC works in a variety of ways for the benefit of students, staff and the school community. We aim to communicate with parents about school events and programs; communicate with school staff on behalf of parents; provide opportunities for parent education; raise funds for school equipment, projects and activities; and to organize social events to promote the development of a healthy school community.

Contact Us!  PAC contact email:  ferrispac@gmail.com

Link to the PAC Constitution 


Parent Advisory Council News

Luxury Diamonds Fundraising Program | 豪华钻石珠宝店筹款活动


New Fundraising Opportunity! Ferris PAC has joined up with Luxury Diamonds to set up a 6-month fundraising program.   Luxury Diamonds generously agrees that 3...

FreshSlice - Saba Road Branch Fundraising | FreshSlice 比萨饼 Saba 街分店筹款


Ferris PAC has joined up with FreshSlice on Saba Road to set up a 6-month fundraising program.   FreshSlice on Saba Road generously agrees that 10% of all...

Hojang Barbecue Fundraising Program 火匠烧烤筹款


Ferris PAC has joined up with Hojang Barbecue to set up a 6-month fundraising program.   Hojang Barbecue agrees to offer 10% instant discount for all Ferris...

Please join us for tea, coffee and treats 欢迎家长们参加小茶叙

News Post

Please join us for a casual get-together before the hot lunch this Friday!  As a token of appreciation to all parent volunteers, there will be tea, coffee and...