Ferris Elementary School


Welcome Back to School-Nov 16th, 2020

Dear Families of students returning to school on Monday Nov. 16, 2020

Important information for Parents as you bring your children to school

*As per our Health Protocols, students should not attend if they are feeling unwell or have met the criteria in the Daily Health Declaration (please see attached)

* If your child has health concerns/uses an epi pen/has serious allergies---please give the epi-pen to your child’s teacher upon drop off and provide a note to the teacher regarding any allergies, etc. We will be following up with this information with regard to any required doctor’s notes etc. Should your child’s allergies cause symptoms that are in the Daily Health Declaration, please discuss with your doctor and inform your child’s teacher.

•Parents are asked not to enter Ferris School at any time. Administrators and staff will be around outside at the beginning of the day should you need assistance. Should you require assistance during the day please call the office at 604-668-6538 and we will come out to the temporary entrance.

•Parents and guardians are welcome to wait with their child at the start of the day at the specified outdoor meeting locations or exit doors (physically distant).

• As you arrive, please remember to physically distance from other adults waiting with their children. Teachers will come to their class meeting location each morning to escort their students to their classroom— or they will be waiting at their outside classroom entry door--should you have questions about where to go ask Mr. Campbell who will be on crossing guards in the morning. At the end of the day, teachers will lead their classes back to this location where parents and guardians can reconnect with their children---(or outside door) as noted.

•There will no longer be “in days” all students will be expected to go outside for break times—rain or shine. It is very important that all students are properly prepared for all types of weather, and for younger students a change of socks/pants as appropriate. We have staggered break times and assigned cohorts to playing locations to help manage physical interactions between students while outdoors. We will be encouraging outdoor learning as much as possible in order to provide opportunities for fresh air

•Reminder—No lunch drop offs by parents (or Nova Foods etc.) Parents must remember to send a lunch and snack with your child as we will not be able to accommodate lunch drop offs during the day. Eating times are supervised by teachers—outside play times by noon hour supervisors and administration. •If a Day care provider is picking up your child, please arrange for them to have the information needed for a pick up spot to get them---the students will not be gathered together inside the school for pick up—parents please communicate with your day care provider and make a plan

•We will have a day custodian at Ferris—hours 6:30 AM to 3:00 daily to do enhanced cleaning.

Please continue to monitor your emails from the school and check our website.

We look forward to seeing you soon! Mrs. Steele, Principal Mr. Campbell, Vice Principal

Sun, 2020/11/15 - 1:55pm