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Q & A for Parents....

May 3, 2020

Dear Parents:

Please find Q & A documents attached:

For Families-Your Child's Learning is Continuing  (in English, Chinese and Arabic)

For Families-Technology Q & A (in English, Chinese and Arabic)

As we proceed into our sixth week of learning in this new way, please know that we understand....  We understand that some days it's very hard to do all the things you are trying to do with your work, your family & the "at home learning" of your child (or children).  Thank you for doing the very important work of caring for your families.  As we navigate through these times, our dearest wish is that our students and their families maintain a sense of emotional well-being and connectedness. Social Emotional Learning is, arguably, the most important learning during these times. Please see our school website for Social Emotional Learning Newsletters being published regularly with information about how to support the well being of our children.   We have been able to distribute many devices to our Ferris students, and we are hoping that this will help connect your children to school. But even with technology--for some families the challenges to connect and complete everything may be at times, too much.  Each of us has unique circumstances that continue to evolve and change. We understand. 

As always, we invite you to communicate with your child's teacher for assistance or clarification regarding assignments and expectations.  In addition, your feedback to your child's teacher, and your curious questions, are valuable. They help guide us to make adjustments to ensure this new way of learning is workable and a positive experience for our staff, students and their families. 

Finally, a reminder that should any Ferris family find that the challenges financially make it difficult to put food on the table--please reach out to Mrs. Steele by calling the office and asking to speak to her.  We want to help. 

Yours truly,

Mrs. Steele, Principal & Mr. Campbell, Vice Principal






Sun, 2020/05/03 - 3:42pm