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What is the School District's Feed-U-Cate 38 Food Program and how can I donate to it.

In these extraordinary times, the Richmond School District is doing its best to help keep some of the most vulnerable students and their families fed through their Feed-U-Cate 38 Food Program. An online donation form has now been setup for anyone in the community who wishes to help support students and families who are not able to access school district food programs during the COVID-19 pandemic. https://www.sd38.bc.ca/Pages/donations.aspx#/=


Feed-U-Cate 38 is a Richmond School District program that was established in Fall 2012 by a committee of students and staff. The goal of Feed-U-Cate 38 is to educate the community about school district food programs and to invite the community to make donations that will support these breakfast, lunch and snack programs for elementary and secondary students in need.


The school district is currently collaborating with a number of community agencies and businesses, including the Richmond Food Security Society and Richmond Food Bank, to provide weekly bags of groceries, filled with basic non-perishable food items. The district has identified 245 students across 27 schools to participate in the food program. These students have been receiving breakfasts and lunches in our schools during the school year, and these grocery products will provide them with healthy and nutritious foods while they are learning from home.


Those wishing to support the Feed-U-Cate 38 can make a donation by visiting: https://www.sd38.bc.ca/Pages/donations.aspx#/=


Sun, 2020/04/26 - 2:11pm