Ferris Elementary School


Our Staff

School Administrators

Mr. N. Campbell Acting Principal
Mr. D. Dixon Acting Principal

Counselling Staff

Mrs. M. Flores Counsellor

Office Staff

Mrs. S. Ruan Senior Admin Assistant
Ms. T. Tang Administrative Assistant


Division Grades
Ms. J. Aldaba Teacher 18 Grade 1, Grade 2
Mrs. A. Argao Teacher 13 Grade 2, Grade 3
Mrs. W. Black Teacher 23 Kindergarten
Mrs. A. Brittain Teacher 8 Grade 4, Grade 5
Mrs. K. Brown Teacher 17 Grade 1, Grade 2
Mr. L. Chan Teacher 9 Grade 4, Grade 5
Ms. C. Chan Teacher 16 Grade 1, Grade 2
Ms. B. Douglas Teacher 20 Kindergarten, Grade 1
Mrs. L. Emery Teacher 14 Grade 2, Grade 3
Mrs. S. Gall Teacher 11 Grade 3, Grade 4
Mrs. R. Gallacher Teacher 15 Grade 1, Grade 2
Mrs. R. Johal Teacher 1 Grade 6, Grade 7
Mrs. J. Kim Teacher 2 Grade 6, Grade 7
Ms. C. Lund Teacher 19 Grade 1
Mr. K. Lyseng Teacher 6 Grade 5, Grade 6
Mrs. D. Murao Teacher 12 Grade 2, Grade 3
Mrs. S. Orban Teacher 15 Grade 1, Grade 2
Ms. J. Oye Teacher 5 Grade 5, Grade 6
Ms. S. Quiring Teacher 21 Kindergarten
Mrs. C. Ray Teacher 7 Grade 4, Grade 5
Mrs. C. Scott Teacher 17 Grade 1, Grade 2
Miss J. Stene Teacher 3 Grade 6, Grade 7
Mrs. B. Westergaard Teacher 10 Grade 3, Grade 4
Mr. B. Wong Teacher 4 Grade 6, Grade 7
Mrs. L. Young Teacher 22 Kindergarten

Support Staff

Ms. D. Abdi Noon Hour Supervisor
Mr. J. Alford Custodian
Ms. J. Berry Educational Assistant
Ms. S. Bishop Speech & Language Pathologist
Ms. T. Blumel Resource/ELL
Mr. J. Carrigan Resource/ELL
Mrs. M. Chan Educational Assistant
Mrs. S. Cheng Educational Assistant
Mrs. J. Clowes Educational Assistant
Ms. L. Duncan Educational Assistant
Ms. M. Foster Educational Assistant
Ms. J. Geng Educational Assistant
Mrs. E. Grobman Learning Resource/ELL
Mrs. J. Gross Educational Assistant
Mrs. D. Hope Educational Assistant
Mr. H. Kruk Band/Relief
Mrs. V. Lai Resource/ELL
Mrs. J. Lai Resource/ELL
Mrs. G. Li Settlement Worker in Schools (SWIS)
Mrs. C. MacDonald Educational Assistant
Mr. E. Maravillas Custodian
Mrs. L. Martens Teacher-Librarian
Mrs. L. Neufeld Educational Assistant
Mrs. N. Nowell Educational Assistant
Mr. T. Otoole Hearing
Mrs. M. Parrales Noon Hour Supervisor
Mrs. J. Poon Noon Hour Supervisor
Mr. M. Ramos Custodian
Mrs. E. Rodrigues Noon Hour Supervisor
Mrs. T. Smith Resource/ELL
Mrs. C. Starchuck Educational Assistant
Mrs. C. Turgut Educational Assistant
Mrs. Y. Watanabe Resource/ELL